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If there already was a cure for cancer...If obesity rates weren’t rising...If the rates of disease were in decline...If our population was enjoying greater health and wellness, this film wouldn’t be necessary. But it’s not the case.

Heal Your Self speaks to a unique mix of doctors, healers, educators and survivors of all too common illnesses which include cancer, obesity, Crohns disease and even alcoholism. These are people who took their health into their own hands, took responsibility for their illness and healed themselves.

Most of us are used to giving the responsibility for our health to someone else. It’s far easier to take a pill than to change a long standing habit. But this paradigm clearly is not working. It’s time to start using common sense to start figuring things out for ourselves. Sure, listen to what other qualified people have to say. But in the end, it’s your body. And it needs your attention. It’s time to take some responsibility. It’s time to HEAL YOUR SELF. 

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I first became interested in healing. Probably though, it was after I met a slightly eccentric and wonderful woman whilst traveling in Chile. She was a Reiki Master and I guess she saw the healer in me, because no sooner had we met than she'd started me on a fast track that followed a similar course.

Fast forward a few years and whilst most people were still recovering from their millennium hangover, I was in hospital recovering from a serious motor vehicle accident. It took two years to fully get back on my feet and after having some of my vertebrae fused, small intestine removed and a bunch of eye muscle surgeries, I felt ready to start afresh.

Through a series of seemingly unrelated events, I met a filmmaker who worked with me on a script about healing. Having no previous film experience, I enthusiastically wandered into the Hollywood maze trying to figure out how to get the film made. It took a few years before it became apparent that if I really was serious about this, then I needed to take matters into my own hands, buy a camera and start filming a documentary myself – at least that was something I could do on my own without trying to get the attention of a Hollywood studio.

Four years later and HEAL YOUR SELF was born. It may not be technically perfect, in fact, I know it isn’t. But it is all from the heart, and those that I interviewed all spoke with passion. And I believe that all of us share a common goal – to help people help themselves. 

No matter what state of health you may be in right now, we are all on a healing journey of one type or another. We are all here now at the same time, sharing our resources, our planet, with each other. 

My health is your health and yours is mine. By helping each person do a little better and be a little better, collectively as a people, we all will do a little better and be a little better.

In health.