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Heal Your Self Meditation CD

As a perfect accompaniment to the Heal Your Self DVD, we created this special set of easy to follow meditations and relaxations, each of which can be completed in no more than twenty minutes, perfect for a busy schedule.

With soothing background music and the comforting voice of Marla Mervis, this CD is bound to bring a deep sense of comfort, relaxation and healing to all that choose to enjoy.


1. Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) (13:10) Based on the Yoga Nidra style of deep relaxation, also known as psychic sleep, in a short period of time your body can achieve a deep and restful state.

2. Breath of Color Meditation (15:30) The perfect way to calm the mind is to focus on the breath. Combining this with color visualization, both mind and body can restore balance and harmony.

3. Healing Light Meditation (12:44) Light is one of the oldest and most precious of healing tools and in this meditation we use the Light to both nourish and heal.